Team USA's Elana Meyers Taylor Cleared From COVID-19 and Will Return to Games


Great news for Team USA — Elana Meyers Taylor is officially cleared to play in the 2022 Winter Games.

The U.S. bobsledder tested positive on Jan. 31, only two days after arriving in Beijing, and has been isolated in a hotel room ever since.

Meyers Taylor was unable to act as Team USA’s flag bearer, alongside U.S. curling captain John Shuster, in the opening ceremony. 

However, on Saturday she revealed that she officially tested negative for COVID-19 twice, and therefore has been granted eligibility to play.

Meyers Taylor’s unfortunate COVID-19 situation jeopardized her place at the 2022 Games, however, now that she is cleared, this year will mark her fourth Winter Olympics. Thus far, Meyers Taylor has earned three medals: two silver and one bronze.

In order to prepare for her race, Meyers Taylor will transition to a different hotel and begin training again.

Team USA’s bobsledding team has been extremely supportive and hopeful throughout the entire process, so Meyers Taylor’s return is definitely an exciting one.

“They’ve been sending me notes on the track and doing different things like that,” Meyers Taylor said, in reference to her teammates and coaches. “So I’ve just been going over that as much as I can and watching videos and doing whatever I can to stay ready.”

And not only has Meyers Taylor been staying up-to-date with her team, but she has also been on a strict workout regime ever since she started isolation. The athlete was determined to return to the Games, using any resources she could find handy, to facilitate home workouts to ensure she stayed sharp. 

It seems like the bobsled sensation stayed warm despite her quarantine, and I don’t mean with a fever. She will be taking on the track with her teammates next week when the bobsleigh competition begins.

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