3 new potential suitors for Dwayne Haskins following Week 6


Nothing changed in reference to the Washington Football's quarterback situation after Week 6. Despite some bad mistakes, Kyle Allen will still be the starter going forward.

That means Dwayne Haskins will remain No. 3 on the depth chart and the idea of finding a trade partner prior to the fast-approaching NFL Trade Deadline still exists.

Recently, NBC Sports Washington's Ethan Cadeaux laid out three potential trade destinations based on long-term needs and Haskins' fit in their systems. After seeing how some teams around the league fared in Week 6, here are a few more that could be looking for another option at quarterback.

1. Chicago Bears

Through six weeks two things are clear about the Chicago Bears. They will live and die with defense and they still don't have a consistent option at quarterback.

Nick Foles has been winning, but he hasn't lit up the statsheet and has made some horrible decisions throwing the ball. Unless something changes quickly, he's not going to stabilize the position in the coming years. Neither is Mitchell Trubisky, and his benching showed the Bears are ready to go in a different direction. With his fifth-year option not picked up, the clock is ticking.

So, it seems like with such a solid defense the Bears are just a QB away from real contention, and maybe the draft can solve that? Not really, because at 5-1 the team is already basically out of the running for a top passer from 2021. That leaves few choices for the future.

Maybe, just maybe, trading for Haskins and stashing him for down the line allows him to develop while the Bears find a way to stop the revolving door at quarterback.


2. Indianapolis Colts

Philip Rivers finally looked like his old self in Week 6, but his full body of work so far paired with a one-year deal shows the Colts are all-in for 2020. Jacoby Brissett, who was passed on for Rivers as the starter, is also a free agent after the season.

That would leave the Colts with just Jacob Eason, who will have no real NFL experience heading into 2021. Once again, the Colts record dictates they will most likely not be in the Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields and Trey Lance sweepstakes forcing them to look elsewhere for help.

By bringing in Haskins now, the young passer can learn behind a consistent veteran in Rivers while getting comfortable with the offense. Come 2021, a talented defense, strong running game, great offensive line and a few receiving options puts him in a near-perfect situation to try and change the course of his career. 

3. Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield is the starter, but he was clearly still feeling the impact of a rib injury on Sunday against the Steelers, forcing Case Keenum to take over near the end. If Mayfield needs time to truly recover -- or faces another injury -- Cleveland will need to evaluate their confidence level in Keenum. It's also worth mentioning that Mayfield has been inconsistent as a whole in 2020.

While Keenum is a veteran who is remembered for leading the Vikings to the NFC Championship in 2017, he's also the quarterback that lost the starting job to Dwayne Haskins in 2019. Keenum may have more experience, and better weapons with the Browns than he did in Washington, but he's not a guarantee to produce at a winning level.

Haskins isn't either just yet, but Cleveland would give him more to work with. Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry are elite passing options, and the Browns run game takes a lot of the pressure off the quarterback in the system. Haskins would also get to work with the creative mind of Kevin Stefanski.

He may not be the answer for the future, but if the Browns have the quarterback problems in 2020, Haskins could serve as a reasonable fill-in as the team tries to remain in contention. The last time he played for a team in Ohio, it went pretty well. 

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