How new Redskins QB Kyle Allen is improving by spending his time inside with Josh Allen and Sam Darnold


When Kyle Allen set out for California on Feb. 1, he was prepared to embark on his normal offseason routine which consists of workouts with fellow NFL quarterbacks Josh Allen, of the Buffalo Bills, and Sam Darnold, of the New York Jets.

What he couldn't predict was that two months from then, he'd be a member of the Redskins while spending all of his waking moments with his workout partners, playing card games and working out in the garage.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the three passers, like many others, have had to adapt to the new conditions that require one to spend almost all their time inside. Though some may imagine that the life of an NFL quarterback is different than others, it really isn't.

“It's pretty boring right now, I’m going to be honest with you. This morning we woke up, threw around, just got done working out, it’s about one o’clock, and we have the rest of the day with absolutely nothing to do," Allen, who currently lives with Josh Allen and is about 15 minutes or so from Sam Darnold, told reporters during a conference call on Tuesday. "So we play a ton of gin, we watch movies, play Call Of Duty, and we get super bored. That’s about it." 

NFL players, they're just like us.

However, this situation hasn't stopped Allen and company from continuing to get in work in what is a big offseason for all three. Darnold and Josh Allen will enter 2020 with bigger expectations in their third year as starters, while Washington's newest passer has a chance to compete with Dwayne Haskins after getting some game experience in 2019.

“That’s why we like to come out here and train with each other too, because they are kind of going through the same thing," Allen said. "There's a bunch of things I'm working on from last season, there are things Sam's working on, things Josh is working on, and some things from everybody."

Like many others, that work is being done in a home gym. Equipment was moved to a neighbors garage where the three are able to lift weights and train, all while still practicing social distancing guidelines.

The group also watches films, just not the Netflix and Hulu kind.

"We have film night at our houses and break down film and just talk through a bunch of things, get everyone’s point-of-view," Allen said.

With OTAs and other team events indefinitely suspended, there is no timetable for when Allen will get a chance to work with his new teammates. Until then, though he may be bored at times, he understands he still has the opportunity to work on his craft with a pair of pretty good training partners.

Not much has changed. It's just been a little harder to find places to throw, a little harder to find places to work out," Allen said. "But it's been good, we've been getting good work in and trying to adapt to all this like everyone else is.”

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