If Commanders land a QB, which division will he come from?


It's quite possible that the Washington Commanders select a quarterback in this year's draft to be their next hopefully-permanent solution, but if Ron Rivera opts to go after a more well-regarded option via the trade market or looks to sign someone as a free agent, what division is that guy most likely to come from?

That's a random-as-hell question Pete Hailey mentally debated with himself on Tuesday and then decided to write about today (aren't you lucky!?).

So, here's his ranking of all non-NFC East divisions from most likely to provide the Commanders with their next veteran QB (if they take that route) to least likely to provide the Commanders with their next veteran QB. 

The ones that truly could supply a signal caller

The NFC West

This foursome features one Super-Bowl winning squad and three franchises experiencing various stages of under-center upheaval. 

Jimmy Garropolo is definitely the most gettable NFC West quarterback, thanks to the presence of Trey Lance behind him and an asking price that shouldn't be too high.

Now, Jimmy G wouldn't be that popular of an acquisition amongst Commanders supporters — he's basically Kirk Cousins, albeit with a last name that's more difficult to spell — but he is coming off of an NFC title game appearance and presents a definite upgrade over what Rivera currently has.

After that, there's Russell Wilson, a veritable superstar who might be slightly declining yet still has a ton of appeal. Wilson's distaste for Seattle seems to have waned lately, though his comments about wanting to stay there could also just be public posturing. Plus, a giant trade package is a surefire way to get the Seahawks' interest.

Lastly, Kyler Murray appears to be unhappy with how his year with Arizona concluded judging by his social media scrubbing, and reports are indicating the Cardinals might be souring on him as well. Like Wilson, it's safer to assume Murray's uniform in 2022 is the same as the one he wore in 2021, but it's a situation that requires tracking.

In all, the NFC West houses one obvious (if whelming/underwhelming) choice and two others who are worth striving for, making it the most likely to help out the Commanders in the next few months. By the way, Colt McCoy is a free agent...

The AFC South

Deshaun Watson is a complicated candidate for Washington and Rivera, considering his murky future and the culture Rivera is trying to build in the organization. But if Watson's standing with the league and those accusing him of sexual misconduct and sexual assault is cleared up, then the 26-year-old will immediately become an enticing target — and perhaps the most enticing target.

In addition to Watson, Carson Wentz's time with the Colts may be running out after a single season. Wentz is similar to Garoppolo in that he wouldn't inspire a heap of confidence but could be rather affordable and projects to at least be better than what Taylor Heinicke gave Rivera last year. 

Finally, the Titans sound committed to Ryan Tannehillwhile Trevor Lawrence is looking forward to playing for a non-Urban Meyer head coach. But Watson and Wentz are, at a minimum, likely on the Commanders' radar. 

The one that has conceivable options, even if they're only serviceable (and that's being kind)

AFC West

A Raiders QB is about to become available. Unfortunately, it's not the one that's actually good.

Marcus Mariota will be a free agent this March, and while he's not starter material by any means, he'd make a little sense as added competition for Taylor Heinicke and/or a rookie. Therefore, he's a name to keep in mind.

Teddy Bridgewater will join Mariota on the market, and while he's not starter material by any means, he'd make a little sense as added competition for Taylor Heinicke and/or a rookie. Therefore, he's a name to keep in mind.

Isn't copy and paste the best?

The one with everyone's favorite long shot

NFC North

Until Aaron Rodgers runs out of the tunnel for the Packers in Week 1 of the 2022 campaign, followers of the Commanders will incessantly bring him up as their ideal answer for Washington. However, Green Bay is poised to spend, spend and spend in order to please Rodgers and he's reportedly happier with his employer, too.

Even so, Rivera ought to do his due diligence on the MVP and see if there's any way he can pry Rodgers away from the only team he's ever known.

As for the Bears, they have a new head coach and general manager, and because of that, those with creative imaginations will draw up trade offers for Justin Fields. Sadly, free-agent-to-be Andy Dalton is more tangible than the 2021 first-rounder.

The ones that just don't seem very plausible 

NFC South 

Jameis Winston stands out as the best of a bad free-agent bunch at the position, but Washington could've scooped him up last March and instead went with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Sure, he's a tad better and more viable than the possibilities that'll be mentioned below, but he didn't do anything in New Orleans to suggest he's about to break through.  

Don't forget about Cam Newt — nope, couldn't even complete that sentence. Moving on.

AFC East

Josh Allen will be leading the Bills for the next 70 years if that city can figure out how to achieve that, Mac Jones is just beginning his Patriots career and new Dolphins leader Mike McDaniel has promised to get the most out of Tua Tagovailoa. 

That leaves the likes of Mitch Trubisky and Jacoby Brissett for the Commanders to consider — and hopefully that process won't be a lengthy one.

AFC North

Baker Mayfield is fresh off a troubling season, going into the last year of his rookie contract and has yet to be identified as an available player. Yes, he's more palpable than Dwayne Haskins, but not by much.

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