IHOP is actively trying to partner with Moses, spokesperson says


While everyone else is giving all of their attention to Washington's shuffling at quarterback, NBC Sports Washington is covering what really matters right now: The possibility of IHOP adding some sort of Morgan Moses-related, pancakes-related item to its menu.

(For the record, this website has also devoted plenty of coverage to the QB stuff, too. Just so we're clear.)

Earlier on Friday, this story detailing the passionate group of fans currently trying to convince the restaurant chain to pay homage to Moses by giving him his own dish was published. Since then, there has been a significant development.

Yes, significant. 

IHOP is not only aware of the movement that's skillet-fully (sure, that was a stretch, get over it) being put together by the collection of the right tackle's most ardent supporters, they'd like to actually get together with him to explore whether there's a real recipe for something here.

Check out this comment from a company spokesperson that NBC Sports Washington obtained on Friday afternoon:

You smell that? That's the smell of a potentially-beautiful partnership coming together. 

Never — like, NEVER — underestimate the power of Washington Football Team fans.

Nina Mandell contributed to this groundbreaking report.

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