Like Redskins fans needed a reminder, Joe Gibbs again proves just how incredible he is


The only head coach to win a Super Bowl for the Redskins, Joe Gibbs might be the most beloved person in the team's more than 80-year history. 

Gibbs won three Super Bowls and coached in a fourth, doing so with three different quarterbacks, a feat that has never been touched by another NFL head coach. And likely will never be. 

Elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1996, Gibbs sporting legacy needed no other accomplishments. When he returned to coach the Redskins in the mid-2000s, he never saw the same level of greatness, but in hindsight, his two playoff teams in four seasons remain the high water mark of the Redskins' FedEx Field era. It's not a high bar, but it is the bar. 

On the race track, however, Gibbs has found the same level of elite performance as he once did on the football field. And last week, NASCAR recognized the Redskins legend by sending him to their Hall of Fame. 

There are very few NFL head coaches that can wear three Super Bowl rings. Bill Belichick and Chuck Noll are the only ones with more. Gibbs has more Super Bowl rings than Tom Landry, Don Shula or Bill Parcells, and the same as Bill Walsh.

That list is incredible, and every coach on there is either in the Hall of Fame or will be someday.

Now, Gibbs can put his name in the same tier in NASCAR. 


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