Punt returning isn't exactly a problem for the Redskins, but it could be much better


The Redskins should aim to make quite a few changes during their bye week, most namely at quarterback. The team absolutely should commit to Dwayne Haskins once and for all, and if they don't, fans will have the right to (further) seriously question what the franchise is doing.

Other drastic adjustments should be executed as well, such as an increase in aggression on both sides of the ball. Then there are some smaller, yet still important, things that must be considered, like a switch at punt returner.

Of course, of Washington's numerous problems this season, Trey Quinn's production on special teams is on the second or third page of the lengthy list. That said, while he's been serviceable, the Burgundy and Gold need to stop accepting serviceable output at that spot.

So far this year, Quinn has taken back 10 punts for 64 yards, giving him an average of 6.4 yards per return. Of qualified players, that number puts him at No. 15 in the NFL, meaning he's essentially a league average option going by that stat.

However, his long in 2019 is just 15 yards, which is 27th best in that category. He's sure-handed, which matters to an extent, but he's not putting any fear into opponents when he lines up to receive a kick.

One would think that the Redskins, who are mired in a 13-quarter touchdown-less streak that's help set an ignominious franchise record, would look to generate chunk plays however they can. Unfortunately, Quinn isn't contributing in that way.

Perhaps someone like Steven Sims could.

Sims hasn't fully thrived as the Redskins' kick returner yet, but he does have a 45-yarder to his name and he also scored a TD on a massive run against the Patriots. The 22-year-old has serious speed and wiggle, and it'd be interesting to see what he could do in Quinn's role.

Now, it's necessary to point out that, under Callahan, Sims' snaps have decreased big-time. JP Finlay reported that the interim coach has full control on personnel decisions, and maybe Sims is someone that Jay Gruden liked more than Callahan does. 

At some point, though, in all of the self-scouting that Callahan says he's doing, he has to realize that Washington could be getting and should also want to get more out of their special teams. Quinn hasn't done anything wrong there, but he also hasn't really done anything right, either.

Throughout the franchise, there's an apparent obsession with maintaining the status quo and striving for middle-of-the-pack production. Making a change at punt returner wouldn't cure the larger issues that exist on this roster and in the front office, obviously, but at least it would show that someone, somewhere has a desire to do something more than simply be fine. 


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