Report: Commanders not on Aaron Rodgers' destination list


As the Green Bay Packers and the entire NFL await a decision from Aaron Rodgers on his future -- one that should be coming soon -- one possibility that has gained steam over recent days is the star quarterback requesting a trade.

Should Rodgers inform the Packers' brass that he does want out of Green Bay, don't expect the Washington Commanders to be in the mix for the 38-year-old, according to ESPN's Dianna Russini.

"The sense I get is that Washington is not in this game. We can start there," Russini said Friday on the Kevin Sheehan Show.

Since the 2021 season ended, Washington head coach Ron Rivera has gone on the record multiple times to state the Commanders' need to find a franchise quarterback this offseason. So, if Rodgers were to become available, it would make complete sense for the Burgundy and Gold to make an offer for the four-time MVP.

However, the likelihood Washington lands Rodgers remains slim for two reasons, according to Russini. The first -- and more significant of the two -- is that Rodgers does not want to play for the Commanders.

"This is going to come down to where Aaron Rodgers wants to go," Russini said. "He's going to request a trade, if that's what he decides to do, he has teams that he wants to go to. From what I've learned, the Commanders are not on it. Long story short, he doesn't want to play in Washington."

In addition to the Commanders reportedly not being on Rodgers' destination list, there are reasons why Green Bay wouldn't want to send its star quarterback to Washington as well.

The Commanders play in the NFC, meaning they face Green Bay at a minimum once every three years. That doesn't include potential playoff matchups, either. By trading Rodgers to Washington, or any other NFC team for the matter, Green Bay will likely need to defeat Rodgers and his new team if they hope to make a Super Bowl run.

By shipping Rodgers to an AFC team, Green Bay would only have to face the back-to-back MVP once every four years or in the Super Bowl. That would make a lot more sense for the Packers side, should they have to trade Rodgers -- something the franchise adamantly doesn't want to do.

"One of the stipulations from the Packers is they really do not want it to be a team in the NFC," Russini said. "That was something, early on, when they were having these conversations and realized this was the path it could go, they really want him to stay out of the NFC."

Let's be clear, though: Rodgers has yet to make a decision on his future. A return to the Packers remains a likely option. It's worth noting that Rodgers has openly discussed his love for the franchise in recent weeks, as well as positively spoken about his much-improved relationship with Green Bay general manager Brian Gutekunst. 

If Rodgers does want to return to Green Bay for his 18th season with the team, the Packers will do everything possible to make that happen.

"In terms of the Green Bay Packers, at this point, they are putting together the best possible situation, contract, lifestyle, player, roster, coaches, everything,' Russini said. "Essentially a list -- he didn't have a list, but say Aaron Rodgers gave the Packers a list -- get this done and I'll be happier. It seems like that's what they've been attacking over the past few weeks."

Rodgers is entering the final year of his contract, though. If he does decide to stick with Green Bay, the 38-year-old will want a new deal -- one that makes him the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL.

But, once again, if that's what it takes for the Packers to retain Rodgers, expect Green Bay's front office to do everything it can to make that happen.

"He wants $50 million a year. At 38 years old, he wants to be the highest-paid player in the NFL by a wide margin," Russini said. "This is what he wants and this is what the Green Bay Packers are going to try and get done."

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