These Chase Young high school highlights are terrifying, which shouldn't shock anyone


There is a scene at the end of Rogue One, which came out in 2016 and acts as a prequel to the original Star Wars movie, where Darth Vader decimates a group of rebels. 

In rewatching the scene, it looks like Vader takes out about 10 guys. If he needed to take out 100, though, he would've. If he needed to take out 1,000, even, he would've.

The legendary character just casually annihilates every foe who steps to him in what looks like one of the most unfair fights ever.

Well, the way one feels as that sequence unfolds is actually quite similar to how one feels when watching the Chase Young high school highlights that have been circulating on Twitter this week. 

Young is Vader (minus the lightsaber) and everyone who tries to contain him is a rebel. Check out the carnage here:

Four plays happen in this mini tape. Here is a breakdown of the four, with analysis focusing on how simple he made everything look:

1) Young breaks through the line and immediately recognizes that the offense is trying to throw a screen. So, he stops, jumps and intercepts the QB's measly toss, then takes it back the other way for a touchdown. He looked like he was maybe exerting 30-percent of his energy.

2) Young breaks through the line (he seems to enjoy doing that), brushes aside an assisting running back like he was a pop-up window and then corrals the signal-caller. The entire offense would've been better off just staying in the huddle and taking continuous delay of game penalties.

3) Young sheds the right tackle and generates yet another sack. Rumor has it that right tackle decided to take up violin after the game.

4) Finally, someone realizes they should stop trying to throw against Young, opting instead to run. The problem is that they ran to Young's side (running directly backward would've been smarter), and the defensive end was able to fight through a ridiculous hold to drop the running back for a loss. 

In April, Anthony McFarland — Young's teammate at DeMatha who's now a Steeler — told the Redskins Talk podcast that Young routinely ruined practice because no one could stop him. At least everyone can now see that he didn't discriminate and also ruined opponent's games, too. 


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