WATCH: 6-year-old Redskins fan goes absolutely crazy when team drafts Chase Young


Redskins fans meet Chase Bosonac, a 6-year-old fan that might be the new star of NFL Draft weekend. Watch the video above of Bosonac's reaction when the Redskins drafted Chase Young, and then just smile. 

Nothing makes sports cooler than when little kids get star struck, and Chase B clearly idolizes Chase Y. 

"He's the best player," Bosonac said Tuesday. "And we have the same first name."

The back story is interesting too.

Bosonac only became a Redskins fan this year, and only once he learned that Young would likely land in Washington. Bosonac's mother Ashley said the family was a little scared what might happen if the Redskins passed on Young, but luckily that didn't become an issue. 

It's even funnier how Bosonac came to be a Young fan.

The family lives in New Jersey while Bosonac's father Brian is a Wisconsin graduate and the family usually watches Badgers game together. In late October, Ohio State played Wisconsin and Young completely dominated, logging four sacks and two forced fumbles. From that day, Chase B has loved Chase Y. 


"He jumped ship on me," Brian Bosonac said of his son. 

If it wasn't bad enough for Brian Bosonac that his oldest son had become an Ohio State fan, it got worse when Chase decided to be a Redskins fan. Brian is a die-hard Giants fan.

"He has season tickets to every [Giants] game and he has nobody to go with him. He always thought his son would go but now he’s the biggest Redskins fan," Ashley Bosonac said. 

It's hard to watch young Chase Bosonac's enthusiasm and not be supportive. In fact, despite having a Dwayne Haskins Redskins jersey, he's made it clear he wants a new Chase Young Redskins jersey. Even though mom is a Steelers fan and dad is a Giants fan, something tells me young Chase B will get that jersey of his idol Chase Y. 

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