What separates Jahan Dotson from a typical short, speedy receiver


Jahan Dotson is a sub-six foot wide receiver who weighs 178 pounds and has a 4.43 40-yard dash on his résumé, but the Commanders' 2022 first-round pick does something else that separates him from other players of that ilk.

He makes tough, tough catches.

NFL.com's prospect profile extols the ex-Nittany Lion's "in-air athleticism" and ball skills that look "effortless." The Athletic's Dane Brugler, meanwhile, claims that Dotson owns "maybe the largest catch radius" of any wideout with Dotson's size that he's ever evaluated.

Dotson himself takes pride in that aspect of his game, too.

"I approach that (ball) as a million dollars," he said back in 2020. "It's a million dollars in the air. If you want it, you go get it." 

Here's visual proof of that approach:

Here's more visual proof:

And, just in case footage isn't enough on its own, take in these numbers as well:

Dotson will need to prove he can shake off NFL corners and safeties, which is probably the biggest question mark he'll face as a pro. That is one aspect where his lack of physicality could be an issue.

However, he showed time and time again at Penn State that he's not just a burner who requires 10 yards of open space around him to come down with the grab. While track-like receivers such as DeSean Jackson aren't known for having top-notch hands, Dotson is, suggesting he can be more of a complete piece of the offense.

Dotson is joining Terry McLaurin, who was one of the sport's most trustworthy targets in 2021 when it came to 50-50 balls. That should be something that makes Carson Wentz quite pleased and help the Commanders as a whole sustain more successful drives on a consistent basis this season and beyond.  

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