D.C. athletes react to Nationals advancing to NLCS


The Washington Nationals are advancing to the NLCS for the first time since they moved to D.C. (the Expos advanced to the NLCS once in 1981), and some of the district's stars are pretty psyched about it! 

It's awesome to see Capitals players celebrate the Nationals' triumphs, especially after securing the Caps' first franchise Stanley Cup Championship not even two years ago. 

Right winger T. J. Oshie has been enthusiastically tweeting about the Nationals postseason run since October began.

Now that they've advanced to the NLCS, Oshie accepted a friendly bet from his friend and defenseman for the St. Louis Blues, Barrett Jackman.

After Alex Ovechkin threw the first pitch before the Nationals won Game 4 of the NLDS to tie the series 2-2, he posted this in anticipation of Game 5 in LA.

After Washington's Game 5 victory, Ovechkin tweeted at 1:02 a.m. with his signature parentheses of excitement.

While I am sure Beal is excited to see his current town play his hometown in the NLCS, the Wizards shooting guard has chosen to side with St. Louis this series.

Perhaps the most welcome reply to such a proclamation included someone photoshopping Beal's face on an infamous photo of Bryce Harper and his wife avidly supporting the Vegas Golden Knights while he still played for the Washington Nationals.

Thank you Capitals for that sweet, sweet victory. Nationals, you're up!



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