Freddie Freeman's reaction to the Nationals' dugout during ‘Baby Shark' is priceless


Over the past month, Gerardo Parra and "Baby Shark" have become fan-favorites at Nationals Park, and all over social media. 

Once again, another trending moment when the Nationals took on the Braves on Monday.  This time it involved the Nationals' dugout and Braves first baseman, Freddie Freeman after a pinch-hitting Parra reached on fielder's choice.

All of Nationals Park, even the home dugout, made the "chomping" arm motion featured in the "Daddy Shark" portion of the song, Parra's walkup. 

But Freeman, the closest Atlanta player to the dugout, wasn't quite sure what to make of the whole scene. 

It's a look of confusion, amazement and honestly, a little bit of fear. 

Basically, Freeman is feeling all the emotions about "Baby Shark." 

So are we, Freddie, so are we. 


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