One analyst wants Parra to bring back ‘the catalyst': Baby Shark


When the Nationals brought Gerardo Parra back to spring training with a non-roster invite, all fans familiar with the impact his "Baby Shark" song had on their 2019 World Series title run immediately began to ponder if the children's song would make its triumphant return. 

That's exactly what the latest Nationals Talk Podcast posed to MLB Network's Lauren Shehadi. As a Virginia native and Nats fan, Shehadi was the perfect guest to ask. 

"What do you mean should he?" Shehadi said. "That's like, okay, I worked for CBS in the postseason and we had them in 2019. When I tell you the place lit up, it was like a different land when that song came on. Even the people in the dugout, even the coaches in the dugout, everything changed."

Though Parra remains a free agent and isn't technically guaranteed to have a spot on the Nationals' 2021 roster, imagining the joy in the ballpark during that title-winning season never gets old, especially following a tough 2020. 

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"I get it, it's a little gimmicky and everything. You know, anything with kids, and people are like, 'Oh, that there song? Here it comes again,'" Shehadi said. "But really, the effect it had. You talk to my grandma, she wants to listen to Baby Shark, that's what resonates with her. We all had that time when we fell in love with baseball, right? There's a time for so many people who watched the postseason in 2019 and fell in love with baseball when they saw Nats Park roaring with Baby Shark. I know it's a little extreme, but I was there. I saw it."

For the fans who grew a new appreciation for the game, Parra's walk-up song was more than just a goofy bit, it was a movement. While it's unlikely that energy without a full ballpark of fans could lead to the glories from 2019, one simple fact should be considered; the Nationals finished last in the NL East without Parra, and bringing him back this season could lead to only one possible outcome.

"I do see the other side of it. That was a moment in time when we want to relive forever, but it can't be relived," Shehadi said. "Maybe it can be relived though. Maybe that's the catalyst. We saw 2020 without him, so maybe 2021 is the year. Baby Shark. Titletown."

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