See it: Soto adds new wrinkle to his shuffle vs. Rays' Glasnow


Everyone knows about Juan Soto's patented shuffle and how it became an iconic sidebar to the Nationals' 2019 World Series run, but what about the "Soto Shimmy?"

The Nats star went up against Rays ace Tyler Glasnow Tuesday night and showed us a wrinkle to his signature move. 

Glasnow tried to get Soto to chase on a breaking ball in the dirt, Soto just barely held himself back from the tempation and he was so proud of himself, he decided to do a little dance.

Soto's done the shimmy before, but not nearly as pronounced as this one. 

He ultimately lined out in the at-bat, so the shimmy will stand as the most productive thing he did for Nats fans in that particular trip to the plate. The Nats also went on to lose to the Rays 3-1, so not a great night at the plate for Washington in general.

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