Former Wizards center Etan Thomas has best Tim Duncan story


Tim Duncan announced his retirement on Monday after 19 seasons in the NBA. In that span, he won five championships, appeared in 15 All-Star Games and played with more than 100 different teammates in San Antonio. 

He also gave teammates and opponents nearly two decades of great storytelling material to work with. But of all the Duncan anecdotes shared so far, former Wizards big man Etan Thomas had the best. 

Here is my Tim Duncan storySo we're playing the Spurs and I get the ball on the post. I inside pivot and sweep to the...

Опубліковано Etan Thomas Понеділок, 11 липня 2016 р.

While the story must be from the 2000s, there's no way to determine the exact game (I'd love to see the box score). 

The exchange encapsulates why Duncan is so beloved. Here was the Big Fundamental in the prime of his dominance, blocking his opponent's shots and sharing basketball pointers at the same time.

Kindness, wisdom, humility, leadership. Those qualities are as important to Duncan's legacy as his rings. 

And who knows, perhaps his advice helped the Wizards. Of all opposing teams, Duncan averaged the fewest points per game (15.9) against Washington according to 

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