NBA's worst contracts don't live in DC


So there I am this morning, doing my daily ritual of checking out the NBA news over at when I come across a blog post titled, "Who has the worst contracts in the NBA?" As someone that's covers a certain local team, I instinctively braced for what was inside, immediately pondering where and how many Wizards would be on the list.Then I remembered, Andray Blatche, amnestied. Rashard Lewis, dealt. Gilbert Arenashad his contract zeroed some time ago.Indeed alist- compiled by the Sporting News - that for several seasons would have been headlined if not littered with several players who called the Verizon Center home had nary one.
Considering so many on the Wizards roster on the teething stage of the NBA careers, there simply are not many current deals even worth discussing in an overpaid context.
Unless Nene's (four years, 52 million)plantar fasciitis remains a permanent presence duringhis nextfour contracted seasons -- or the Wizards remain league-wide cellar dwellers -, the Brazilian big man's deal is worthy.Assuming the injuries that limited Emeka Okafor (two years, 27.9 million) are yesterday's news, the shot blocking center's interior and veteran presence are worth spending for especially compared to the previous alternative. Highest paid player on the team, OK that's a stretch, but at least Washington should get some actual production out of this deal unlike the man he was traded for, Lewis.Despite no Wizards, the Southeast Division still represented; Orlando's Hedo Turkoglu (two years, 23.8million remaining) topped the list with Charlotte's underachieving forward Tyrus Thomas (three years, 28 million) coming in third.This is one scenario where it's good to not be the leader of the pack.

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