Wall is watching the right teams


By Mike Andrews
CSNwashington.com Contributor

When photos came out of John Wall and Sam Cassell sitting together watching one of the NBA Playoff matchups, I cringed at what series they might be taking notes from.

Thankfully it was the best series in the playoffs so far: Memphis and the Los Angeles Clippers.

John Wall is getting a dose of what I believe the Wizards could turn into within the next couple of years. What the Grizzlies and Clippers lack in raw talent and a high winning percentage, they make up for in energy and hustle.

In addition, Wall is seeing first-hand what it's like to be on a franchise with a losing atmosphere for some time and then turning it around and making the best of opportunities in the playoffs.

It also doesn't help that he can take notes on Mike Conley and Chris Paul at the same time. Without Chris Paul, I think it's safe to say that the Clippers would not even be in this series. Hitting clutch baskets and finding the open man time after time is something that Wall needs to improve on and there is no better teaching lesson than watching the game of Chris Paul.

While Wall may very well reach the superstar potential of Chris Paul, he has a lot to learn from Mike Conley, as well. His grittiness and willingness to sacrifice for the team even when it means not showing up in the final box score are both something that Wall needs to improve on for the upcoming seasons.

In a post-season filled with injuries and sloppy basketball, Wall and Cassell picked the right series to watch. And hopefully the fans are watching it, too, because it might not be too long before the Wizards morph into a team that plays like a Memphis or Clippers organization.

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