Beal's offensive prowess reminds Kuzma of LeBron, AD


Kyle Kuzma has seen the best of the NBA during his four years in the league. He says Bradley Beal reads the offensive end of the floor the same way. 

Kuzma has played with LeBron James for three seasons and Anthony Davis for two, and Thursday he said that Beal’s offensive ability reminds him of how James and Davis play the game.

“Obviously when you’ve got a guy that scores 30 points every night, from the outside looking in, you’re thinking he’s not really a willing passer,” Kuzma said. “He makes the right play and that’s really important for winning basketball. I see it all the time, especially playing with LeBron and AD, if they wanted to they could come down the court and score every single time if they wanted to. But understanding your teammates and whatever the right play is in front of you, that’s the most important thing. And he does that.”

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Beal averaged a career-best 31.3 points per game last season, his second year in his career where he averaged more than 30 points per game. The Wizards, aided by Beal’s scoring down the stretch, made a late-season run to the playoffs before being eliminated by the 76ers in five games. 

Over the offseason, Kuzma was traded from the Lakers to the Wizards in a trade that involved Russell Westbrook, meaning the 26-year-old came back to the east coast. It’s been a whirlwind summer for him, and he’s still not done finding out new things about his team’s best player.

“Every day I learn something new about him,” Kuzma said. “Obviously I watch a lot of basketball, I watch a lot of guys in this league, and I’ve watched him for multiple years and the way he plays. Every single day, you find out something more about him. Finding out he’s a pretty good passer, he’s looking that way.”

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