KCP's son steals the show during postgame press conference


Players often share their postgame media availabilities with one another. Thursday night's win over the Brooklyn Nets was no different for Wizards wing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Except his partner at the podium this time was his son Kenzo. 

Caldwell-Pope's son sat with him the entire press conference while his dad answered questions on the moves Washington made at the NBA trade deadline. He was one of the Wizards who brought up the notion that egos contributed to the team's problems after their hot start to the season. He also recounted his experience of past trade deadlines where he was the one on the move. 

Midway through, Caldwell-Pope introduced Kenzo, "this is the hooper right here. The one who got his buckets." Kentavious recently saw Kenzo play his first game.

The closing of the availability featured a special guest, as Kenzo's mom and Kentavious' wife McKenzie jumped in for a question for Kenzo.

"I just want to ask you, would you be able to make those crunch-time free throws that daddy made tonight to seal the deal on the win tonight? Do you think you're capable of doing that," McKenzie asked.

"Maybe," Kenzo responded unconfidently. 

"No, there's no maybe," Kentavious said as he butted in. "Yes, tell mommy yes. You know that's mommy right?"

And after a long pause and no response from Kenzo just starting into the camera, dad answered for him.

"He ain't even know. You don't know your momma's voice." Kentavious said.

"His answer was 'yes.' He's clutch, just like his daddy. He says he's ready, he's just a little shy. It's his first time in front of the camera," Kentavious said.

"I'm not shy," Kenzo declaratively said to end the press conference.

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