Robin Lopez isn't ready to bury the hatchet with G-Wiz


If Wizards mascot G-Wiz thought he could stop looking over his shoulder now that Robin Lopez is on his team, well he can think again.

Lopez met with the media for the first time since signing a one-year free agent deal with Washington and said that doesn't mean things are going to change between him and the Wizards mascot. Over the years, Lopez has tormented G-Wiz every time he's come to Washington as an opposing player. 

He once famously rolled G-Wiz up in a scrabble board. Last season, he and his Bucks teammates jumped G-Wiz in the hallways of Capital One Arena. 

Now he will have a key to G-Wiz' house.

"I don't know. G-Wiz has always kind of been on my top-five probably most-despised mascot list. So, I don't know if I'll be able to reach out the olive branch out to him or if he will even want to reach it out to me," Lopez said.

The good news for G-Wiz is Lopez did leave the door open for a truce. It will just require a third party.

"I'm sure there's somebody who can maybe perhaps broker an armistice between the two of us," Lopez said.

So, who has what it takes to bring them together for a peace treaty? We only have a few weeks before the season starts in late December, so they better get to work soon.

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