Qudus Wahab transfers back to Hoyas after year at Maryland


The grass isn't always greener on the other side as Flint Hill's Qudus Wahab has quickly learned entering his senior season. After a year of playing with the Maryland Terrapins, the 6-foot-11 center will return to where his collegiate career began, transferring back to the Georgetown Hoyas. 

It reunites Wahab with one of the greatest centers in college basketball history in head coach Patrick Ewing. It also brings back one of the Hoyas' stars from their improbable 2021 Big East championship run. 

“I’m happy to see Qudus Wahab back on the Hilltop. I’m looking forward to him helping us get to where we want to be as a team and for our staff to help in his development and his growth," Ewing said in a team statement. 

Wahab struggled in the big-man-dominated Big Ten conference last season. Off-the-court issues certainly were a factor with Mark Turgeon stepping down mid-season and the team having a down season as a whole. Still, his averages - even as one of the only two bigs on the Terps roster - went down considerably. He decreased his point average by five points (12.7 ppg to 7.7 ppg) and his rebounding went down from 8.2 rpg to 5.6 rpg. He attempted three fewer shots per game and his shooting percentages decreased by 3.2%.

Averages surely fluctuate across collegiate careers but a drop-off of this magnitude was concerning as he adjusted. 

On top of that, he looked lost in the Maryland offensive system. Oftentimes, he would clog the lane or get tunnel vision trying to score when the shot wasn't there.

Many questioned the move by the Nigerian-born basketball player when he decided to transfer out of Georgetown after making the NCAA Tournament in 2021. Maryland desperately needed a post-player and represented a semi-vertical move. However, Wahab is more of a traditional center that doesn't spread the floor, not even to the midrange. That didn't necessarily fit with a Turgeon offense, having the center be the focal point and lacking a true playmaking point guard to help facilitate movement to the wing.

When Wahab was at Georgetown, he turned into the guy. Sure, Ewing was always honest and critical of his big man, but he certainly rewarded him with playing time and touches.

“It’s good to come home to a fanbase and a system that I am familiar and comfortable with," Wahab said in a release. "There will be a lot of new faces on the team and coaching staff that I have built a good relationship with recently, which makes this transition easier. I am excited to play with and work with my new Hoya team. I think coming back to the Hilltop will prepare me even more for my ultimate goal of playing in the NBA.”

Wahab heading to D.C. comes just two weeks after Donald Carey made the move out to College Park. That leaves Wahab and Dante Harris as the only two members of the 2020-21 tournament team on the roster for the upcoming season. 

His addition does brighten the outlook for next season's Hoyas. Granted, they couldn't do much worse than going winless in conference play like last year. If Ewing and Wahab can re-ignite the success they had just two years ago, Georgetown may not be in the dregs of the Big East again. 

Promising transfers Brandon Murray (LSU) and Akok Akok (UConn) give the program hope for a better season. The big question now is if last year's leading scorer Aminu Mohammed returns after entering the draft process. Casual Hoya reported that the guard would not be returning for his sophomore season, but it has not been reported by any major outlets. If he returns, the Hoyas now have 14 players on scholarship (one more than the maximum), per Verbal Commits.

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