SEE IT: Oklahoma's D.J. Graham makes insane one-handed INT


Take a bow, D.J. Graham. 

The sophomore Oklahoma cornerback made one of the greatest interceptions in college football history on Saturday. 

Stretching back with his right hand and body parallel to the ground, Graham's incredible display of athleticism prevented a potential first down on 4th and 18 halfway through the fourth quarter of Oklahoma's 23-16 win against Nebraska. 

Junior quarterback Adrian Martinez scrambled to his right and tried to get it to his receiver streaking towards the pylon, but didn't account for what'll go down as the early favorite for the catch of the season. Graham took flight from the eight-yard line, contorted his body back and twisted through the air with the ball on the two-yard line.

Just incredible. 

Former Sooners hoops star Trae Young had a great angle for the play.

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