Tom Wilson wastes little time fighting, knocking out Penguins' Oleksiak


What is a Penguins versus Capitals game without a Tom Wilson controversy?

Not much, honestly.

Fifty-five seconds into the first period of Wednesday night's matchup, Wilson dropped the gloves versus Pittsburgh's Jamie Oleksiak in the neutral zone.

With an already tense matchup, a physical game is guaranteed. Despite this, it's safe to say that no one expected confrontation this soon into the game.

Here's a video, in case you missed it.

It's unclear if Wilson was provoked, but the Capitals forward was definitely the initiating party in this showdown.

Both Oleksiak and Wilson were seen sporting ice on their face and hands, respectively.

After Wilson was escorted to the penalty box, Ovechkin and Crosby traded remarks from the benches.

Ovechkin ended up in the box alongside Wilson after trading punches with Kris Letang. 

If this was just the first period, there's no telling how much crazier it might get.


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