Alex Smith: Rodgers deserves a higher level of respect from Packers


Alex Smith was the only quarterback to be taken ahead of Aaron Rodgers in the 2005 NFL Draft. This week, the former Washington Football Team QB came to Rodgers' defense regarding the debate Rodgers has had with the Green Bay Packers.

“Clearly it’s not an ideal situation and not what it should be. I think he’s due a certain level of communication and certain level of respect beyond the average player,” Smith told USA Today this week. “And I don’t think that’s asking a whole lot just to communicate. Clearly that didn’t happen over the last couple years.”

Smith's comments come as Rodgers' drama with the Packers over his reported dissatisfaction with the team's front office has continued to carry over into a missed mandatory minicamp earlier this month.

This isn't the first time that Smith has thrown his support Rodgers' way.

Last month, Smith called the Packers' treatment of their franchise QB "inexcusable" in an interview with Colin Cowherd when speaking about how the team didn't give Rodgers advanced notice that they were going to draft Jordan Love.

Despite those issues, Smith said this week he hopes the two sides can work it out.

“Here’s a guy who’s given 16 years to an organization, he’s been through a lot of changes there as well, he’s coming off maybe one of the greatest quarterback seasons ever, still playing at an incredibly high level,” Smith said. “I think that’s important in any business — not just football, but in any business and especially team sport, it’s important how you treat people. Really, I think it hasn’t been ideal there. Hopefully they can get it figured out."

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