Lawyers for ex-WFT employees say ‘NFL has chosen to protect' Snyder


Editor's note: This story has been updated to reflect that the Washington Football Team, not Dan Snyder, was fined.

Lawyers Lisa Banks and Debra Katz, representing more than 40 ex-Washington Football Team employees, released a blistering statement Thursday afternoon after the NFL fined the organization $10 million. Team owner Dan Snyder will step aside from his role in day-to-day operations of the club, he wrote in a statement.

A league-mandated investigation by prominent Washington attorney Beth Wilkinson found the workplace environment at team headquarters in Ashburn and at FedEx Field was “highly unprofessional” and created a culture of fear for women, specifically. The investigation also found that a number of women were sexually harassed and experienced “a general lack of respect in the workplace.” 

The Washington Football Team was not disciplined further than the $10 million levied against the organization.

Dan's wife, Tanya, who was named co-CEO of the organization earlier this week, will assume team responsibilities and represent the club at league meetings and activities for the next several months. 

“In response to a year-long investigation in which more than 100 witnesses were interviewed, and which we believe substantiated our clients’ allegations of pervasive harassment, misogyny and abuse at the Washington Football Team, the NFL has chosen to protect owner Dan Snyder,” Banks and Katz said in the statement. 

They also called the fines “pocket change” to Snyder and said it was “a slap in the face to hundreds of women and former employees who came forward in good faith and at great personal risk,” to report the workplace harassment. The two also requested the NFL make the Wilkinson report public. 

Snyder, while away, will focus on finding a new stadium for the team and other ventures, though the NFL made no specific mention of Snyder or anyone else being formally suspended in any fashion. 

Banks and Katz ended their statement by saying, “The NFL has effectively told survivors in this country and around the world that it does not care about them or credit their experiences. Female fans, and fans of goodwill everywhere, take note.”

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