Washington Football Team Mic'd Up

Mic'd Up: Ron Rivera all over the place at WFT practice


If you've ever wondered what it's like to be the head coach of an NFL and run a practice, putting a microphone and camera on Ron Rivera is a good place to start learning. 

Throughout a training camp session ahead of the 2021 season, Rivera was covering a lot of ground and talking to several different players on both sides of the ball, including rookie tackle Sam Cosmi. 

"I saw you working your hands inside, nice and tight," Rivera said. "Good job. I tell ya, with those hands in tight you're as powerful as anybody I've seen."

When you're the head coach, you're in charge of everything. Even though he specializes in defense, Rivera spent plenty of time with the offense coaching up his players. 

Of course, the practice had a few lighter moments as well. At one point, Rivera was looking for offensive coordinator Scott Turner and didn't have any luck finding him. 

"Where is Scott, where is Scott?" Rivera said. "Where is Scott at? Kenny where's Scott at? I hope he didn't quit."

Then Rivera could be heard talking about a story from his rookie year with the Bears all the way back in 1984 involving the great Walter Payton. 

"I remember my rookie year, the hardest thing I ever did was a group of us went to go train with Walter Payton," Rivera said. "Oh my God, he crushed us."

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