Mic'd up: Washington RB coach Randy Jordan at practice


Hearing players and coaches interact on the field is always fun, unless they're afraid of the microphone. 

Washington running backs coach Randy Jordan had the mic on at an offseason practice, but when a few players, like Antonio Gibson, found out he was mic'd up, they ran away.

"I tried not to let nobody know," Jordan said. "Ya'll be acting all funny. Just be yourself, we don't do nothing. We don't say or do anything. Ya'll get all nervous."

Jordan is entering his eight-year in Washington under three different head coaches, so there aren't many people better to follow around at a practice. 

You can find Jordan joking around with players at multiple positions, running drills and trying to convince Gibson that he's not going to get the young running back in trouble. 

The Washington Football Team is set to begin training camp on July 28th and will run through July 31. 

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