Why Brady has a bad take on the NFL's new jersey rule


The NFL's new and more relaxed rule about what players can wear what numbers is awesome. The old regulations were unnecessarily strict, but thankfully, the updated standards will allow most positions (other than linemen) more freedom to decide on their digits.

And for some reason, Tom Brady is really upset about that.

Brady — who probably shouldn't be mad about much in his very sweet life and who definitely shouldn't be mad about a topic as harmless as this one — posted a few things on his Instagram story on Thursday to show his displeasure about the change.

"Good luck trying to block the right people now!!" he wrote in one caption. "[G]oing to make for a lot of bad football."

"DUMB," he maturely added after that. "Why have numbers?"

So, according to Brady, because, say, Kam Curl could take the field next season in No. 2 as opposed to No. 31, he's going to be harder to block?

And because, say, Cole Holcomb can go from the 50s to the 30s if he so chooses, the sport's quality is going to fall off?

Brady's trying to make the point that, after years of knowing the difference between linemen, linebackers and defensive backs because of their numbers, he's now going to be totally clueless under center or in shotgun when trying to read an opponent.

That's softer than an old avocado. 

Sure, it might take him a few practices to get used to the fresh rules. That's fair. Everyone will have to adjust.

But Brady has to stop pretending like he's going to line up for Tampa in the fall, look across the line of scrimmage and suddenly have no idea who's coming after him and who's dropping into coverage. His vast knowledge will instantaneously vanish thanks to this decision from the league, per his Instagram story.

Hey Tom, here's a strategy to consider: If there's a big, intimidating guy on the edge who appears interested in dropping you for a massive loss, he's probably one of the "right people" who should be blocked, regardless of what's on his jersey. Just a thought. 

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