Ranking Alex Ovechkin's best Stanley Cup celebrations ahead of visit to Moscow


After winning the Stanley Cup, the weight of the world seems to be off of Alex Ovechkin's shoulders.

We cheered, we cried, but we probably felt nowhere close to how the Great Eight himself felt as the clock ran out on Game 5.

It was a call heard around the world for Caps fans, a moment DC has been waiting for long since Ovi's draft year in 2004. Before we dive into what to expect when Ovi brings the Stanley Cup to Moscow this weekend, let's see how he's celebrated so far.

3. The good-night kiss. After a long day (and night) of partying around DC with fans, several raucous Capitals made their way back home to their families. In Ovi's case, the Cup got a spot next to him in bed, tucked in and snuggled up. Ovechkin's wife Nastya (and the couple's pet dogs) weren't upset, just amused.

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2. The fountain. How could we forget the fountain? Ovechkin, alongside frat-star-slash-father-of-two TJ Oshie, surfer sasquatch Braden Holtby, and noted bad boy Tom Wilson, took a trip to the Georgetown waterfront two days after the Caps' cup win. They drank, they sang, and then thry jumped in and got drenched. You can re-watch all the angles of the event, as well as the rest of the weekend's shenanigans, on our blog compiling the best of the celebrations. But for now, check out this now legendary clip one more time.

1. The first time Ovechkin held the Cup. Seriously, we get teary-eyed watching it. His majestic roar. The joy he shares with the entire team. It's not something that'll be leaving DC sports fans' minds anytime soon.

With that very recent nostalgia out of the way, what's in store for Ovechkin's visit to Moscow? We can probably expect for him to share the trophy with his teammates, especially considering how he paraded around DC. Sharing the victory the communities that support him seems to be a theme. He'll take the Cup to Dynamo Moscow as well as his childhood home throughout the course of this upcoming week.

First, though, Ovi will visit the World Cup with the Stanley Cup in tow on Saturday, July 7. Keep in mind, because of the time difference, we'll probably start to see coverage from the World Cup late tonight or early tomorrow on social media.

Russia takes pride in how it hosts events like the tournament as well as the Olympics, so Ovi's presence and patriotism will be a great addition.

Dmitry Orlov has hinted that he wants to come crash Ovi's celebrations as well, so we might be in for a treat. 

The Stanley Cup's next stop after Russia will be the Czech Republic with Jakub Vrana. You can keep tabs on the trophy's whereabouts here.


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