Tom Wilson's day with the Stanley Cup


A tradition unlike any other in professional sports, every member on the winning Stanley Cup team gets their own day with the Cup.

Most players have taken the Cup with them to their hometowns such as Moscow, Russia for Alex Ovechkin or Warroad, Minnesota for T.J. Oshie. For Tom Wilson, he followed suit and headed north to North Toronto, Canada, where it all began.

Before all of the festivities began, Tom Wilson knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating Lucky Charms out of the top of the Stanley Cup seems like the perfect way to start it.

After breakfast, Tom headed to North Toronto Arena where he grew up playing hockey. Tom hosted an event there with friends, family, fans and the Sick Kids Foundation.

The kids were able to take pictures with Tom Wilson and the Stanley Cup and have a little Q & A session with their favorite hockey player.

One of the first questions asked was priceless.

Another question about playing with Alex Ovechkin led to an interesting discovery, Tom Wilson wore an Ovi jersey as a kid!

Toronto Mayor John Tory arrived to join in on the fun and Tom received a new, much larger jersey of his old club hockey jersey he wore as a kid playing at North Toronto Arena.

One of the coolest parts about coming home to his hometown rink was looking up and seeing his name on a banner right next to Hockey Hall of Famer, Eric Lindros of the Philadelphia Flyers, who also grew up playing hockey at the same rink.

Following the event, Tom changed into this cool t-shirt and posed for more pictures at the Ontario Place Marina pier.

Tom Wilson is headed to downtown Toronto to share the Stanley Cup with his friends in style, riding in a limo with matching T-shirts to celebrate winning the Cup, without all of the media around.

This post will be updated as more content from Tom Wilson's day with the Stanley Cup becomes available.


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