While goals remains frequent, Alex Ovechkin approaches scoring differently


With seven goals in 12 games, Alex Ovechkin is tied for seventh in the NHL and is on pace for 48 this season. Not much different there for the winner of the past four Rocket Richard Trophies.

What is a bit different, however, is his approach to scoring. As you may have noticed, Ovechkin is putting more emphasis on scoring goals around the crease rather than creating highlight reel goals off the rush.

Here’s what he said about the matter: 

Obviously, the game has changed. Goalies start getting better. Defensive side is getting better, Bigger, stronger, faster. So anytime you have an opportunity to find a different way to score, it’s only good things for you. A goal is a goal. It doesn’t matter if it’s a beautiful goal, a redirected goal or find the rebound, still it counts. To be honest with you, if you look forward in the playoffs, all the goals [are] like that. It’s kind of good for you.

And what’s good for the 31-year-old Capitals’ captain is good for the team — especially if he’s able to put another tool in the box for when the games get (much) tighter in the spring.

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