One Mystics player has an idea to showcase Olympic talent


Theresa Plaisance wants Olympics fans to be able to appreciate the incredible athletic feats of Olympians more. She wants an average person, of average athleticism, to compete in the Olympics just to highlight how mind-blowing it is what some of these Olympians are accomplishing. 

Sometimes, it's easy for viewers at home watching through a screen to think how easy some of the events are to finish. Just take a look on social media or message boards and there are people sitting on the couch that aren't in awe of those spectacular displays of athleticism. They believe they could compete.

This idea would put the events into even more perspective.

"You should send one random, regular person, non-athlete, a piece of mail saying hey you will be participating in pole vault in this upcoming Olympics," Plaisance told reporters this week. "And as your duty to your country, you have to show up and be the regular person competing against Olympians so everyone can have a clear picture of how good everyone is compared to a regular person.

"Because everyone's like, 'oh I could do that.' Really? You could swim across the pool in three seconds, I don't think so."

The Mystics' forward is not the first to suggest an average citizen should compete. It's popular water cooler talk, used by radio hosts to entertain audiences and there are multiple threads on Reddit suggesting it as well. 

Even without the control group to measure the unbelievable athletic performances, Plaisance loves watching the Olympics. She tries to watch all the events that she can. Some of her favorites are synchronized swimming, water polo, fencing and rhythmic gymnastics - on top of basketball and supporting her three Olympic teammates. 

It's unlikely for this idea to come to fruition but there are worse duties one could have as a citizen.

"Elena [Delle Donne] mentioned this earlier as a better way of doing it, it's kind of like jury duty," she added.

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